Julia Child’s Cabbage Stuffed with left-over Turkey and Sausage

This Julia Child recipe shows a very practical way of cooking. It shows how to use leftover foods, and how to turn them into a brand new dish that is delicious and nutritious at the same time. For this article, I am going to share with you a great Julia Child recipe called – Stuffed […]

Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizza

On August 15th, almost every food blogger online will be celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday. In memory of her, many of the food blogs online will highlight some of her extraordinary dishes that are not just very delicious and easy to make, but dishes that are made from the heart. Here, I am going to […]

Julia Child’s Fresh & Delicious Caesar Salad

Caesar salad was first enjoyed during the early 1920’s. Today, we enjoy this garden delight even more, through a more sumptuous and mayo-free Caesar salad recipe, by no other than a world-renowned cook – Julia Child. Traditionally, a Caesar salad is made with romaine lettuce, croutons, and other seasonings to make it more delicious to […]

Julia Child’s Apricot Sherbet

Julia Child’s Apricot sherbet is definitely one of the best desserts perfect for summer, or perhaps for a Sunday afternoon. Every scoop you get from Julia Child’s Apricot sherbet is a taste of freshness that everybody will surely enjoy. Making the delicious apricot sherbet is fun and easy. It might take hours to cook it, […]

Julia Child’s Deliciously Braised Onions

Julia Child’s Deliciously Braised Onions is one of the best side dishes I make during holidays, family celebrations, and when I am in the mood for roasts and stews. It combines perfectly with her Beef Bourguignon, and I can assure you that this side dish recipe will make a perfect main dish even more delectable. […]